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Part 1. Master Li's Escape to Freedom

The Unbelievable TRUTH That Helped Master Li Change The Lives of Millions

Following his arrest, Master Li was threatened with the Death Sentence for Murdering a fellow monk

Once the secret police had Master Li in custody, he was repeatedly beaten by specialist agents who used a variety of banned torture techniques to break his will.

The whole time these beatings took place, Master Li did not make a sound. Instead, he meditated silently as whips and chains lashed across his back.

The room was swelteringly hot. Sweat mixed with blood as it dripped from his head and into his clasped hands. Still, Master Li remained in the lotus position, meditating throughout the ordeal.

Just hours earlier, Master Li was teaching a class of aspiring students the powers of meditation and manifestation. Just as his lecture came to an end, police broke down the door to his temple and dragged him out into the streets.

Taken from the tranquility of his monastery and thrown into a police torture chamber, Master Li's core philosophy and beliefs were being tested to their limits.

The police continued to beat Master Li for several days, before the police chief instructed them to stop, fearing Master Li might succumb to his wounds.

Though the beatings stopped, the punishment didn't end. He was deprived of sleep and went without clean water or sufficient food for months, and kept with only a bucket for a toilet.

These were not the conditions for a man who had literally improved the lives of millions.

Yet, throughout his time in prison, Master Li sat peacefully in his cell.

He never protested his torture.

To keep Master Li locked in jail, the police had accused him of murdering a local monk. A shocking charge in Buddhist Asia...

Of course the charge was fake - made up by the state - but it was widely publicised in Chinese media to help the authorities discredit Master Li and strip him of his growing influence.

It also, worryingly, carried the death sentence if found guilty - a penalty that is still used heavily in China to this day.

It was no time for Master Li to sit by and await his fate. He needed to escape, and fast.

His life was on the line.

Master Li remained in police custody for several more months, until on January 11th 1992, his cell was miraculously found empty. Master Li had vanished.

A country-wide search was initiated, with both police and troops searching throughout China's provinces for the mystical, and much-loved monk.

Master Li managed to evade authorities and had escaped high into the Tibeten mountains, known as the Hengduan Mountain Range, where he remained for the next 25 years.

The Hengduan Mountains are an incredibly spiritual part of the world. Buddhist monasteries gently adorn the intimidating mountainsides, and prayer flags flutter amongst the roar of river rapids in the valleys below.

Through the next decades, Master Li refined his numerology skills from the safety of his Tibetan monastery, eventually settling on the practice of what he called "Universal Cheat Codes".

Quietly, word of Master Li's location spread amongst his followers, and he began to receive visitors from mainland China. Both new and old students made the arduous journey high up into the mountains to meet and thank Master Li for his teachings.

Thousands of Master Li's students who studied under him before his arrest had gone on to become millionaires, and even billionaires, or become famous and successful in their careers.

One of his students, Kimsong Xiao, had gone on to become one of China's leading technology entrepreneurs, and as a way to thank Master Li for his contribution, Xiao set up this website to share Master Li's work with the world.

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